Real del Potosi, Chiclosos de Cajeta, 170g (Toffee)

Cajeta (made with 100% goat’s milk) is a little lighter or fresher tasting than caramel, not at all ‘goaty’ and really delicious. The best way to describe theses is cinnamon chewy milk candy. Sure it sounds strange, but I promise you will love them.


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A delicacy for the senses.

Based on the original recipe created at Rancho Coronado since 1932 and maintaining the highest quality standards, the “Cajeta Real del Potosi” is made with 100% goat’s milk.

If you like caramels or tootsie rolls, you have to try this Cajeta Toffee. They’re sweet, chewy, and with a hint of cinnamon, totally addicting!

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