Pronto Flour to make Churros, 350g

Flour mix to make Churros.

A churro is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack.

Recommendation: you could add cinnamon, condensed milk, caramel, melted chocolate, Jam or the ingredient you prefer.


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1.- Heat 280ml of water until it’s boiling.
2.- Place 350g of flour in the bowl (mixing bowl) of the mixer or in a suitable container and add the boiling water.
3.- Mix for 20 seconds in the first speed of the mixer or with a whisk until the flour absorbs the water and remains with a non-lumpy consistency.
4.- Heat oil in a pan (about 3cm deep).
5.- Place the mix inside the piping bag provided.
6.- Form churros of 15 to 20 cm long, deposit them in the hot oil and fry them at approximately 190°C until golden brown.
7.- Take them out and drain excess oil.
8. Sprinkle with sugar and enjoy its delicious flavour.

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