Kalan Mix, Cranberry, 80g (Pouch)

Plain Amaranth wafers and natural cranberry flavoured.

With peanuts, spicy dried sweet potato slices, spicy almonds, spicy mix snack balls and freeze-dried pineapple.


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Ingredients: Amaranth wafers (amaranth flour, tapioca flour, allulose, Inulin, sweetener (stevio glycosides), calcium propinate (preservatives), amaranth wafer, natural cranberry flavour, colour added (vegetable juice), peanuts, spicy dried sweet potato slices (sweet potato, chili seasoning (chili powder), salt, citric acid, canola oil, spicy almonds, agave, honey, spicy mix snacks balls (chickpeas, rice, peanuts, chili seasoning, canola oil, sweet ener (Steviol Glycosides) and freeze dried pineapple.

Contains: Almonds and Peanuts.

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