Flor de Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower), 200g (Bag)

Agua de jamaica is simply water infused with hibiscus flowers that is then slightly sweetened.

Hibiscus tea is made in a few cultures, but particularly as iced hibiscus tea, it’s firmly associated with Mexico. Agua de jamaica is one of the most popular non alcoholic drinks and you’ll find it everywhere. It’s often classed as an agua fresca and has the quality of being slightly sweet and wonderfully refreshing.


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How to use them: the easier way is to simmer the hibiscus flowers in water for a few minutes then leave them to cool and infuse a bit more as they do.

I’d recommend you start with cold water for best results. You’ll see the flowers start to seep out colour almost immediately. Once it comes to a boil, simmer a few minutes, then leave to cool. You could  add the sugar while it’s still warm, but you can add later.

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