Xatze, Salsa Macha Ajonjoli [Sesame], 230g (Glass)


Salsa Macha is originally from Veracruz, Mexico, made with a variety of dried peppers, nuts and oil. It’s slightly spicy, nutty salsa, with a touch of tanginess, used more as a topping for dishes like quesadillas or tacos rather than a traditional salsa served with tortilla chips.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (69%), Sesame (26%), Chilies (2%), Salt (2%) and Garlic (1%).


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You’ll find variations of Salsa Macha all over Mexico in terms of ingredients and cooking method, varying from region to region and cook to cook. Crushed peanuts are traditional, though some recipes call for other nuts and even seeds. What’s great about it is not just the flavour, but the crunchy element it offers, with it’s dark sludge of crispy bits, a bit like a cross between a chili oil and a chili paste.

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