San Miguel, Crushed Tomatillo 2.95kg (Pouch)

The tomatillos (green tomatoes) are used in many Mexican cuisine recipes, especially in the preparation of chilaquiles, enchilada and sauces. San Miguel crushed tomatillo is therefore ideal for preparing a delicious green sauce. Our new presentation in Pouch makes it super convenient .


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In Mexico, Tomatillos are mainly used as a component of various salsas or for stir-fried vegetables. Tomatillos are usually prepared in conjunction with chillies, as the taste of both fruits complements each other perfectly and the spiciness of the chillies is reduced somewhat. Unlike conventional tomatoes, the fruit has a slightly tart taste, making every dish a culinary taste experience.

Ingredients: Green Tomatillos, water, sugar, modified carn starch and sodium benzoate.

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