Nachos, Triangle Tortilla Chips, Milpa Real, 500g (Bag)

Thick and crunchy corn tortilla chips, lighty salted, perfect for dippings and ideal to make the famous Mexican dish “Chilaquiles”


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Prepare delicious chilaquiles with the Milpa Real Totopos, it is easy, fast and without complications. Its flavor will delight your whole family and a single bag is enough for everyone! Surprise them with a rich, crunchy and warm breakfast that they will want to repeat every day. In addition, it has few calories per serving and can be enjoyed with the sauce that you like the most. -The best choice of tortilla chips. -Complement to any meal

Ingredients: Nixtamalized corn flour, vegetable oil, iodized salt, turmeric, annatto extract.  May contain Sesame.

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