Las Catrinas, Hoja Santa, 10g (Bag)

Piper auritum Kunth, better known as holy herb or holy leaf, is a very special ingredient in traditional Mexican cuisine that is characterized by its strong aroma and sweet flavour, which has captivated thousands of diners from pre-Hispanic times to present times.

In Mexican cuisine, its leaves are used to prepare marinades, sauces, moles and to accompany certain meat dishes such as tamales, fish and poultry, among others. In the southern states of the country it is one of the most important plant species and stands out for its flavour.


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Since ancient times it has been used as a remedy against various pathologies. For example, its use has been documented in the treatment of conditions in women such as inflammation and infection in the womb, as well as stimulating milk production in lactating women. It is also used in disorders of the digestive system, such as stomach pain or spasm, lack of appetite and constipation.

In Mexican herbalism, its use has been indicated in pathologies such as asthma, laryngitis and rheumatism. Other documented uses have been to treat snake bites, inflammation, muscle pain, colic, and burns.

On the other hand, its content of flavonoids and phenolic acids has been shown to exert bioactive activities such as antioxidant, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and insecticidal, to name a few.

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