KALAN, Amaranth Wafers, Red Velvet, 60g (Diameter 8cm) = OBLEAS

KALAN MNA Obleas is a proudly 100% Mexican brand. Our wafers are made from Amaranth and Tapioca, adding flavours that come directly from natural sources. Our colours are also natural fruit extracts, which give different colours to our wafers.

Our product represents a healthy alternative to many snacks without any nutritional value currently existing on the market.

Each package contain 50 Wafers (Obleas), Diameter = 8cm.



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Ingredients: Amaranth flour, Tapioca flour, Allulose, Inulin, Natural Flavour (Red Velvet), Colour Added (Beetroot Powder), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides), Calcium Propionate (preservative).

­čî▒ Vegan/ Sugar Free/Dairy Free

To dehydrate them again, place the Wafers separated in a baking tray and bake them at 180┬║C for a couple of minutes and they will be crunchy again.


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