Dona Maria, 235g Mole Almendrado (Glass)

The Doña María Almendrado Mole in paste will be the ingredient that should not be missing in your pantry, made from Mexican ingredients of the highest quality, they will provide a delicious and traditional flavour to your dishes.

Delight your palate and recreate the best recipes of all kinds, cook from delicious and traditional enchiladas to perfect tamales to share with your family and friends. Don’t miss out on the perfect option for these and more delicious recipes, just add water or chicken broth, mix and enjoy.


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Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Chili Peppers (Pasilla, ancho and Chipotle), Crackers (wheat flour, water and baking soda), sesame, peanuts, raisins, almonds (3%), iodized salt, cocoa, wheat bran, natural flavourings (colouring, caramel), contains sulfites and inosinate and sodium guanylate.

How to prepare: Empty the entire contents of this container and cook it for 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it resembles a soft paste. Little by little add 800ml of water or broth and continue stirring to incorporate.

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