Comal 28cm (Tortilla Griddle)

Comal is a Spanish word of Nahuatl origin (“comalli”) used in Mexico and Central America since ancient times to refer to a traditional kitchen utensil used for baking tortillas.


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The word comal, comes from the Nahuatl comalli, it is a basic utensil of the kitchen in Mexico and Central America, it began to be used since pre-Hispanic times, originally it was a circle of unglazed clay, it was placed on three stones called ween, in the lower part the embers of the fire were found and it served as an intermediary to heat food, but especially to prepare tortillas, so many experts consider it a basic piece in the history of Mexican gastronomy.

Originally the comal was large and made of clay and had to be cured with lime. With the passage of time, the material of the comales evolved, mainly because the clay turns out to be more fragile and difficult to transport, in addition to that it must be cured.

Currently you can find them made of sheet metal and even iron, in different shapes and sizes. There are even some stoves that already have a comal or griddle integrated in their design, as you prefer it is a basic tool in the kitchen, you can place it on firewood, charcoal or the stove burners, to cook or heat tortillas, toast seeds, roast chiles, prepare tlayudas, tostadas, quesadillas and more typical recipes of Mexican cuisine.

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