Arevalo Tostada Cevichera (Bag) 230g

Tostadas are delicious, crispy corn tortillas which are great at Mexican themed parties or even if you’re having a Mexican meal. They’re great with meats, cheeses and vegetables such as avocado, tomatoes and onions.

The tostadas are baked and are gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten free


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The famous Toatadas are perfect to eat with seafood and the characteristic Mexican cuisine of the sea. It has a medium consistency and a generous thickness to highlight the flavour of different types of fish and condiments. Without being extremely hard and with a milder flavour. These tostadas should be present in every restaurant.

The tostadas that invite you to serve yourself over and over again. It is the best accompaniment for those shrimp ceviches or the aguachiles with that sauce that you like so much.

How to use them: Add desired toppings on top of the tostadas such as cooked meat and top it off with cream, cheese and salsa.


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