Tendilla, Chicharron Original, Torreznillos, 100g (Bag)

Tendilla, Torreznillos, Smoked and Fried Pork Rinds made in Spain by Cárnicas Muñoz Sánchez SL.



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From the marinade and drying of the pork loin bacon, to its final packaging, the entire process maintains the strictest sanitary control, which guarantees the customer a top quality product.

Ingredients: 97.3% Pork Rind and Pork Fat, 2% Salt, 0.4% Paprika, 0.2% Garlic, 0.1% Pepper and 0.02% Oregano.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Preserve in a clean, fresh and dry place. Protect from sunlight.

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